Offer for Corporates for the well-being of the employees


We all live in all in a world of enhanced complexity, constant changes leading to insecurity, higher workload and more and more pressure on the professional as well as on the personal side.


The personal problems of the employees have a dramatic impact on their job performance and productivity. Personal difficulties, such as work-related stress, marital or family problems, depression, alcohol and drug addiction, can affect almost anyone. Sometimes, such problems can impair an employee's performance at work, leading to lower productivity, strained relations with co- workers and frequent absences or accidents.


An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) will help your employees sort out the difficulties that may be causing them trouble in the workplace as well as in their private lives. They will be able to get professional psychological counselling to help them resolve their problems. This type of short-term result oriented coaching programme focuses on clarifying the problem, implementing solutions and monitoring progress. The result is a healthier, more productive employee with improved relations at home and at work.

An EAP is an integral corporate strategy to promote the resilience of employees and mangers, prevent health issues and increase employee satisfaction thus leading to an increase in quality of life.


Coaching is based on a trust and respectful relationship between coached and coach and is subject to strict confidentiality.

Continuous neutral and respectful feedback about progress, effects and behaviour are an integral part of the coaching process.


Employee Assistance Programme Services:


·         Systemic Coaching und development of potential


·         Analysis of motives (Validation of conscious and subconscious motives and goals)


·         Support in analysing and improving professional and private relations


·         Support in solving problems, developing copying strategies and activate resources


·         Support with conflicts and mobbing


·         Work/Life balance und stress management Coaching


·         Support with re-orientation and motivational issues


·         Crisis Management


·         Support in case of illness and accident