Psycho-cardiological therapy


You have a cardiovascular disease and want to know how a psychotherapy could help you fell better and healthier. 


It is undisputed that cardiovascular diseases affect the psychological well-being and the other way around and many studies in recent years prove these correlations. Depression and anxiety disorders, for example, increase the likelihood of a cardiovascular disease. On the other hand a heart attack or a severe heart arrhythmia can lead to anxiety, depression and even traumatic stress. Psychological disorders because of a cardiovascular disease can result in a massive deterioration of quality of life and has a negative impact on a potential life-style change.

A common problem with heart diseases are sexual dysfunctions (e.g. due to circulatory disorders) that patients very often do not dare to talk about because of shame and fear which then becomes an additional stress and burden for the affected person.


One of the biggest challenges heart patients face is the need for a change in life-style. Some of the patients feel trapped in their patterns and habits with no hope for change. Therapy and I can support you in finding new possibilities for a healthier life and an increase in quality of lifeI am there to support and help you to better cope with your illness and any traumatic or stressful experiences and to find your own personal way to a healthier life.


If you suffer from psychological issues as a consequence of you cardiovascular disease I can support you in a psycho-cardiological therapy.


·         Treat depression, acute stress reaction and adjustment disorder


·         Detect new sources of strength and promote resilience


·         Develop new vitality and increase your quality of life by processing negative feeling


·         Diagnose and alleviate post-traumatic stress


·         Activate and foster protective factors


·         Manage stress, pressure and conflict


·         Improve body and health awareness 


·         Change life-style in accordance with your goals