Psycho-oncological therapy


You were diagnosed with cancer and want to know how I can support you in a psycho-oncological therapy.

After the shock of a cancer diagnosis many patients do not know how to talk about their illness. In some cases there can be misunderstandings and misinterpretations in the conversation between doctors and patients. The shock of a cancer diagnosis very often can cause traumatic stress.

Patients tend to ask themselves the following questions:

Why me?
Did I do anything wrong?

Do I have to die and if yes, when and how will it happen?

What do I have to do to overcome the illness and heal?


Cancer is an enormous physical and psychological burden for patients. And of course every patient has his or her own way to deal with the diagnosis and its consequences. This might mean that some patients will deny reality, some will give up hope and others want to know everything about their disease and get control over it.

In the beginning very often the fear of difficult medical treatment and potential surgery dominates the life of the patients, psychological and social problems tend to be neglected. This can lead to emotions like helplessness, aggression and also guilt. Over time fear of a progression or regrowth of the cancer, suffering and death can develop.

Some patients realize for the first time that life is finite. In some case patients have to cope with physical impairments and potential changes in private and professional life. This also affects family, friends and colleagues.

I want to support you in coping with this stressful situation and its consequences and find your own way to new perspectives and recovery and healing.


Our immune system is to a great extent influenced by our psychological processes. Therefore psycho-oncological therapy can foster and support your personal healing process. It can help to:


·         overcome anger, despair and resignation


·         treat depression, acute traumatic stress and adaptive disorders


·         find new sources of strength and increase resilience


·         increase vital energy through copying with negative emotions and thereby increase the quality of life


·         learn how to deal with the illness and get an understanding of the treatment possibilities,

      thus re-establishing a feeling of control


·         cope with the challenges of everyday life


·         learn how to deal with physical impairments


·         regain trust in the body 


·         discover new perspectives