Executive Coaching – external support for managers


Rapid progress in technology and new media have led to significant changes in professional and private life and to behavioural changes. The success of business models and cycles change at an unprecedented speed. Challenges and goals become more demanding, in business you must react 24 hours a day and flexibility is one of the buzz words these days.  

In this environment pressure on managers increases constantly, conflicts and tensions in the teams and among the managers are a natural consequence. These problems tend to be very complex as it requires not only professional, but also interpersonal, social and emotional skills to solve them.

Another factor which is often forgotten is that managers with a senior position do not get direct, honest and constructive feedback very often. For me the person in the management position is the key focus with his/her strengths and weaknesses and my goal is to foster and promote a natural and authentic management style.


Executive Coaching Programmes services can be useful in the following areas:


Ø  Expanding interpersonal and management skills

Ø  Leading a team, Employee motivation and Communication

Ø  Managing change

Ø  Authority/authenticity//public image versus self image

Ø  Control and delegation patterns


·         Conflict management

Ø  Identifying a conflict

Ø  Exploring potential solutions

Ø  Composing and implementing an action plan


·         Co-operation across different teams

ØResult-oriented improvement of relations to peers and across teams


·         Activation of resources

Ø  Stress management

Ø  Work-Life balance

Ø  Improvement of results through focusing and prioritization  

Ø  Career planning


·         Burnout prevention

Ø  How can I prevent burn-out with myself and my employees


·         Development of strategies and target setting

Ø  External perspective 

Ø  Reflection and direct feedback in a respectful and safe atmosphere