My Psychotherapy Approach


The term psychotherapy comes from the Ancient Greek word psyche (meaning spirit, soul) and therapia (meaning healing). Its original meaning was to support the human being in his or her entirety, therefore help, heal, foster and teach his or her soul, mind, body and vitality. 

My aim is to support you in your process of healing and growth step by step thereby improving your quality of life and relationships.

My therapy specialization is the so-called integrative therapy. It is a holistic therapy method which combines techniques of various psychotherapy schools such as gestalt and behavioural therapy, body therapy, neuropsychology and neurosciences as well as psychoanalysis..

During the therapy we will deal with your challenges, problems, relationships and conflicts in conversations, creative processes as well as body interventions. In the process we will deal with important difficult and negative as well as positive events in your life and their effects on your personality and your behavioural patterns. My various advanced trainings in hypnosis and systemic therapy, constellation works, psycho-oncology and psycho-cardiology as well as my clinical expertise and experience are an integral part of my work.

I will support you in developing new ways of thinking, feeling and behaviour leading to a sustainable change for a positive future, an increase in quality of life and health contributing to your personal development. Thereby your potential and your coping strategies will be enhanced with a positive effect on your self-esteem and your stability as well as social interactions and relationships

The therapy is measure made to the patients needs in order to alleviate the suffering and the symptoms, facilitate a process of healing and development and an increase of quality of life and social interactions.


Where can psychotherapy help:


·         Physical illness (see chapter Psycho-oncology und Psycho-cardiology)


·         Development of potential and discovery of resources


·         Low self-esteem


·         Support in times of change


·         Crisis management


·         Psychosomatic Illnesses


·         Chronic pain


·         Fear and panic attacks


·         Work-related problems (Burnout, Mobbing, etc.)


·         Stress management


·         Mourning and loss


·         Depression


·         Social problems


·         Eating disorders